How to Change Audio Language in MX Player [2023]

How to change audio language in MX Player? Changing the audio language when playing movies is only one of many functions available in MX Player, a multifunctional media player.

Videos with several language audio tracks benefit greatly from this function. MX Player is a helpful tool for anybody who wants to view videos in their original language, switch between languages, or switch between many languages at once.

In this detailed tutorial, you’ll learn how to switch the language used by MX Player’s audio track, enabling you to watch movies with the language of your choice.

how to change audio language in mx player

How to Change Audio Language in MX Player: Step by Step

Changing the language of the audio track when playing films is only one of many capabilities offered by MX Player, a widely used media player. When watching a video with subtitles or numerous audio channels, this function is invaluable. This tutorial will show you how to switch the language used for the audio track in MX Player so that you may watch videos in the language of your choice.

1. Play the video using MX Player

Launch MX Player on your mobile device to get started. Launch the app and then find the video you want to see. The video is available either locally on your device or remotely through a streaming service or a downloaded file. Select the video and tap to open it in MX Player.

2. Optional Audio Tracks

To access the video’s settings and menus, just touch anywhere on the screen while it’s playing. The audio track sign, usually shown as a speaker or soundwave, may be found by searching for it. To change the audio track, click on this button.

3. Pick Your Preferred Spoken Language

When you choose the play button, a menu of music options will appear. These tracks denote the video’s several language or audio track options. Select the preferred spoken language by scrolling through the available options. If you want to change the language being used, just tap on the option.

4. Check the New Language’s Audio Output

Once a language has been selected, the video will continue to play with that language’s audio track. Listening to the audio to see whether it matches the chosen language is a good way to check if the language has been successfully switched. If the language does not change, try again by following steps 2 and 3.

5. Tweak the Sound Settings

MX Player gives you more control over the audio parameters if you wish to tweak them. To access the menu while the video is playing, click the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. When the drop-down selection opens, choose “Audio.” In this section, you may tailor the audio experience to your tastes by tweaking the equalization, modifying the playing speed, and toggling the presence of audio effects.

6. View the Video continuing

Continue viewing the video in MX Player after switching the language and adjusting the audio settings to your liking. Take use of MX Player’s intuitive interface and powerful playback options while listening to material in the language of your choice.

how to change audio language in mx player


This article has shown you how to simply switch the language used for the audio track while using MX Player. Start up MX Player, play the video in question, go to File > Audio Track Options, and then choose your new language.

The audio parameters may be adjusted further to suit your preferences. With MX Player, you can watch videos in a variety of languages and get lost in the action without having to switch between subtitles and audio.

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