How to Change Language in Duolingo [2023]

How to change language in Duolingo? Duolingo is an app that makes learning languages easy and convenient. You won’t even feel like you’re learning, because the whole process will be like another game for your Android device.

The app allows you to learn many different languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. When you launch the app, you simply need to select the language you want to learn.

One of the advantages of Duolingo compared to other language learning apps is the way all the information is given. The creators of the app call it the ‘gamification’ of the learning process.

As you complete lessons, you will earn experience points. Any mistake made will take away points. Duolingo tries to make learning as fun and game-like as possible – luckily, the creators succeeded.

Duolingo can be a great tool to learn any language, be it Spanish, French, Portuguese or any other. Moreover, the app has an attractive design and is distributed completely free of charge.

how to change language in duolingo

How to Change Language in Duolingo: Step by Step

When it comes to language education, many people turn to Duolingo. If you’d want to modify your Duolingo language settings, you may do so by following the steps below.

1. Access Duolingo through Mobile or Desktop.

Get the Duolingo app or browse to the Duolingo website and make sure it’s up and running on your mobile device or PC. Start up the program or load the page on your web browser of choice.

2. Sign In to Duolingo Account

To access your Duolingo account, please enter your login details (email address and password). If you don’t already have an account, creating one is a simple procedure that takes only a few minutes of your time.

3. Change Your Account Settings

Find the profile icon (a human silhouette) after you’ve signed in; it’ll be in the upper right corner of the app or the bottom right corner of the website. To edit your profile information, tap or click the profile icon.

4. Change the language preferences.

You may adjust several account-related settings under the profile settings. Select “Settings” or “Account Settings” from the menu that appears. This will bring up a new screen or menu where you may change options like language.

5. Click the “Learning Language” button.

Look for a setting in the menu titled “Language Learning” or something similar. In this section, you’ll find the controls for customizing your Duolingo experience.

6. Decide Which Language You Want to Study

You can view the languages offered by Duolingo after you go to the “Learning Language” tab. To change languages, just look through the available options. Take your time browsing Duolingo’s many language courses until you choose the one that best suits your needs.

7. Verify the Language You Want to Use

A confirmation question will display once you’ve selected your preferred language. Be sure to double-check the prompt to confirm you’re using the right language. If you’ve made a decision and want to keep it, touch or click the confirmation button.

8. Initiate Your Language Study

Congratulations! Congratulations, your language switch in Duolingo was accomplished. All future lessons and practice drills will be geared specifically toward the language you’ve chosen to study. The Duolingo homepage is available in the target language, so you can get right into learning the language.

Keep in mind that Duolingo’s language settings are completely flexible; you can always switch to a different language or return to the one you were previously using. If you want to make a change to your settings, simply repeat the process.

how to change language in duolingo


In conclusion, switching languages in Duolingo is a breeze. Switching to a new language is as simple as going into your profile settings, finding the language options section, making your language selection, and then confirming your selection. The best of luck with your studies!

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