How to Change Location in Truecaller [2023]

How to change location in truecaller? Truecaller is a popular program that can be used to identify unknown callers and stop unwanted calls. This detailed article will show you how to modify Truecaller’s location settings for testing or more discreet use.

It’s simple to edit your Truecaller account’s location settings by following the offered steps. Manage where your number is listed and make sure it shows up correctly when people are looking for you. Let’s go into the steps necessary to alter your Truecaller location.

how to change location in truecaller

How to Change Location in Truecaller: Step by Step

The Truecaller software is widely used because it allows users to see who is calling them and reject unwanted calls. It displays caller details, including their location, by querying a massive database.

On the other hand, you may wish to alter your Truecaller location for testing purposes or for the sake of anonymity. This tutorial will show you how to modify your Truecaller settings so that your new location will be shown when people look for your phone number.

1. Initiate Truecaller App

First, launch Truecaller by tapping its symbol on your mobile device’s home screen. Both Apple and Google mobile operating systems may download Truecaller.

2. Activate the Options Menu

When you launch Truecaller, you’ll be greeted with a plethora of customization choices and functionalities. Try the upper left or right corner of the screen to find the menu icon, which is commonly represented by three horizontal lines or dots. Select options by tapping the menu button.

3. Select “Privacy Center” from the menu

The “Privacy Center” option is located at the bottom of the settings menu. To adjust your Truecaller account’s privacy settings, tap on here.

4. Select “Who Can See My Location”

You may adjust several aspects of your Truecaller account’s privacy in the Privacy Center. Try tapping the “Who Can See My Location” tab. Who may see your location in Truecaller is controlled by this setting.

5. Go to “Custom Location”

The “Who Can See My Location” section of your phone’s settings gives you the choice to make your location visible to “Everyone,” “Only My Contacts,” or “Nobody.” Choose the “Custom Location” menu item to alter your current location.

6. Input the Preferred Location

Inputting the desired location is required after selecting the “Custom Location” option. If you want your phone number to appear in a certain place, you may specify it here. It might be a city, a state, or somewhere else entirely. Verify the details are correct, then choose “Save” or the equivalent to commit the changes.

7. Double-Check the New Address

After making the necessary adjustments, leave the settings page to return to the Truecaller app’s home screen. Asking another person to look up your number or doing a search for it on another device can reveal whether or not the location has been effectively altered.

how to change location in truecaller


Changing Truecaller’s advertised location is simple if you follow these guidelines. To alter who can see your location, go to the app’s settings, then the Privacy menu, then Who Can See My Location, then Custom Location, then type in the address, and finally save your changes.

Keep in mind that Truecaller uses data supplied by its users, thus the stated location may not always be accurate. If you want to keep your Truecaller use private or just want to try out a few other areas, you can do so by switching your location settings.

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