How to Convert .NEF to .JPG [2023]

How to convert .nef to .jpg? The ability to convert Nikon RAW photos from.NEF to.JPG provides you a wealth of options for working with and sharing your photographs. Since.JPG is so extensively supported, you may open, modify, and send your pictures from just about any device or operating system.

on help you get the most out of your photos and simplify your photography workflow, we’ve laid out a detailed tutorial on converting.NEF files to.JPG format. Let’s dig in and find out how to transform your.NEF files into the flexible.JPG format in a way that’s both easy and effective.

how to convert .nef to .jpg

How to Convert .NEF to .JPG: Step by Step

Image compatibility is much improved when converted from the proprietary Nikon Electronic Format (.NEF) to the widely used JPEG format. Nikon’s RAW format,.NEF, is not widely supported, but.JPG files may be viewed and edited with almost any program. We’ll show you how to change the extension of your photographs from.NEF to.JPG so you can organize and use them more effectively.

1. Download and Setup an Image-Converting Program

First things first, get some kind of image-changing program onto your computer. Adobe Photoshop and GIMP are two popular alternatives, but there are also dedicated converters like XnConvert and ImageConverter Plus. Select a program that meets your requirements, go to its official website, and then follow the on-screen directions to download and install it.

2. Start the Changing Program

After the image converter program has finished installing, you can double-click its icon on the desktop or in the Start menu to begin using it.

3. Bring in the .NEF File

Find a way to import or access the.NEF file you want to convert once the conversion program is running. This function is often located in the “File” menu or on a prominent button on the user interface. To access your.NEF file, click on it and then go to its storage location. To import a file into the converter, choose it and then click “Open” or a similar option.

how to convert .nef to .jpg

4. Set the Resulting File Type to “.JPG”

The next step is to choose.JPG as the output format. Find the “Output Format” or “Save As” menu in the program you’re using to do the conversion. A selection menu or format list will show up. To save your converted file in a format compatible with most devices, look for the.JPG or JPEG extension.

5. Modify the Conversion Settings

Conversion options including picture quality, resolution, color space, and compression level may be customizable in certain applications. The output file’s quality and size may be affected by these options. Explore the software’s options or preferences to find the controls you need to make the necessary modifications.

6. Select the Output Location

This is the stage when you tell your computer where to place the converted.JPG file. Find the “Output Folder” or “Destination” menu in the program you’re using to make the change. Simply click it, then choose the location on your hard drive where you want the converted file placed. Select or make the desired output folder, and then confirm the change by clicking “OK” or a button of a similar appearance.

7. Begin the transformation

Now that you’ve put everything up, you can begin the transformation. Search for a button labeled “Convert,” “Start,” or “Process” in the application. Just click the button to begin the change. The.NEF file will be processed by the program and converted to the.JPG format according to your preferences.


The conversion from.NEF to.JPG is straightforward after following these procedures. It’s as simple as installing the program, opening it, importing the.NEF file, selecting.JPG as the output format, tweaking the conversion parameters as needed, and finally, starting the conversion process.

In order to make your images more accessible across devices and software, you may easily convert them from their native.NEF format to the more universal.JPG format with just a few clicks.

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