How to Crop Video on Windows 10 [2023]

How to crop video on Windows 10? If you’re using Windows 10 and want to trim a clip, you can do it without any trouble. The Photos app makes it simple to cut out undesired parts of a movie or crop the frame.

Here, you’ll find detailed instructions for cropping videos on Windows 10. You may make films that are both aesthetically attractive and tailored to your unique requirements and tastes by following our detailed instructions.

Whether you’re a professional filmmaker or just want a better video collection, Windows 10 makes it easy to crop films with the accuracy you need.

how to crop video on windows 10

How to Crop Video on Windows 10: Step by Step

Windows 10 has convenient tools for cropping videos, should you need to do so. When you crop a video, you may change the aspect ratio, eliminate black bars, or zero in on certain areas. Here, we’ll show you how to crop a video in Windows 10 in a methodical manner, so you can get polished results every time.

1. Fire up your camera app

To get started, use the Photos app on your Windows 10 PC. You may either type “Photos” into the Start menu’s search bar or look for it among your already installed programs.

2. Add the Video to Your Computer

To import photos, launch the Photos app and then select the “Import” button in the app’s upper right corner. To begin cropping, locate the video file on your computer and then select “Import Selected.”

3. Refine the Final Cut

The film will show up in the Photos app’s library after it has been imported. To edit a video, pick it by clicking on it, and then click the “Edit & Create” button in the window’s upper right corner. Using the pull-down menu, choose “Trim.”

4. Cropping the Video

There are two white handles on the timeline in the video trimming interface. To retain a certain segment of the video, just move these handles to the beginning and ending locations. To see a preview of the edited clip, just hit the “Play” button. Click the “Crop” button that appears below the timeline to further crop the video.

5. Modify the Cropped Area

A rectangular box will appear on top of the video preview in the cropping interface. To define the appropriate crop area, just drag the box’s boundaries. Cropping may be done proportionately by dragging the corner handles or by holding down the Shift key while dragging.

6. Watch the Cropped Video and Save It

After making changes to the crop region, you may see a preview of the trimmed video by clicking the “Apply” button. If you need to make any changes or move the crop area, do so now. When you’re happy with the output, choose “Save a copy” from the window’s menu in the upper right.

7. Customize Your Output

Select the appropriate options for saving the cropped video in the resulting dialogue box. You have complete control over the video’s quality, resolution, and output format. Give the trimmed clip a name and choose where you’d want to store it.

8. Getting to the Cropped Video

The edited clip may be retrieved from the designated location after saving is complete. Now you may post it or use it in whichever projects you choose.

how to crop video on windows 10


These detailed tutorials will show you how to crop a video in Windows 10’s Photos app. To crop a video, you may use the Photos app, import the clip, edit it, crop the clip you want, tweak the crop area, preview the outcome, and then save the clipped video using the export settings of your choice.

As a result of this method, you may tailor-make high-quality films to your exact specifications by cutting out irrelevant footage, changing the aspect ratio, and so on. With Windows 10, you can clip videos to perfection and let your imagination run wild.

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