How to Delete Duplicate Contacts in Android [2023]

How to delete duplicate contacts in android? It’s annoying when your Android phone or tablet has many copies of the same contact in your address book. Duplicate contacts might make it difficult to stay organized, but eliminating them is a simple procedure.

In this detailed tutorial, you’ll learn all you need to know about getting rid of duplicate contacts on an Android smartphone. You may save time and avoid stress with contact management by following these steps to organize your address book.

how to delete duplicate contacts in android

How to Delete Duplicate Contacts in Android: Step by Step

Having to sort through duplicate contacts on your Android smartphone is a hassle. It might cause confusion and make it harder to identify the proper person in your address book.

But if you follow the appropriate procedures, getting rid of duplicate contacts is a job you can do. Streamline your contact management and clean up your address book by following the steps in this advice, which will show you how to delete duplicate contacts on an Android mobile.

1. Launch Your Phone’s Contacts Program

To get started, find your Android’s “Contacts” app and launch it. In most cases, the app’s symbol will seem like a phone book or a silhouette of a person. It’s often accessible through the home screen, the app drawer, or the fast menu.

2. Look at Your Address Book

The Contacts app displays your address book after you launch it. The contacts on your Android smartphone are shown here.

3. Click the Menu button

The menu button, denoted by three parallel lines or dots, may be found in the upper or lower right corner of the display. To adjust or add more choices, tap this icon.

4. Go to “Settings” or “Manage Contacts.”

Choose “Settings” or “Manage Contacts” from the menu. The precise phraseology may differ based on the Android device you’re using and the version of Android you’re running.

5. Select “Merge” or “Find and Merge Duplicates”

The ability to merge or discover and merge duplicates should be accessible from the “Manage Contacts” or “Settings” menu. Select this menu item to begin looking for duplicate contacts.

how to delete duplicate contacts in android

6. Examine Duplicate Contacts

If there are any duplicates in your contact list, Android will now find them for you. It will provide you with a list of potential duplicates to examine. Check the list again to make sure you aren’t leaving out any crucial contacts.

7. Merge Identical Contacts Together

After reviewing the duplicate contacts, you can choose which ones to combine into one. To combine many contacts into one, you may usually just press a checkbox or use some similar selecting technique.

8. Choose “Merge” or “Merge Selected”

Click “Merge” or “Merge Selected” after choosing the duplicate contacts you want to combine. By clicking this button, the chosen duplicate contacts will be merged into a single entry including all of the original contacts’ data.

Final Thoughts

Follow these simple steps to permanently remove duplicate contacts from your Android smartphone. Launch the Contacts app and go to the list of contacts; from there, press the menu icon; pick the Duplicate Contacts or Merge Duplicate Contacts option; examine and select the duplicate contacts to merge; and last, tap the Merge Duplicate Contacts option.

If any duplicates are still present, you’ll need to start the procedure again. Finally, you should double-check the combined contact list for correctness. Get rid of duplicates, create categories, and organize your Android’s contact list for maximum efficiency.

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