How to Delete Duplicate Photos on Android [2023]

How to delete duplicate photos on android? Having several versions of the same picture in your Android device’s gallery is a waste of space. You may save space and make your picture collection more manageable by getting rid of the duplicates.

In this detailed tutorial, we’ll show you how to get rid of duplicate images on your Android phone or tablet. By following these steps, you’ll be able to locate and eliminate duplicates from your picture collection with little effort, therefore saving space and improving the library’s overall structure. Get back in charge of your Android device’s picture gallery by organizing your images.

how to delete duplicate photos on android

How to Delete Duplicate Photos on Android: Step by Step

Duplicate pictures may quickly fill up your Android’s gallery and eat up precious storage space. Getting rid of these duplicates will not only free up more space, but it will also make your picture collection more manageable and streamlined.

Here, we’ll show you how to get rid of duplicates on your Android smartphone with ease. By following these steps, you’ll have your picture library far more organized and your storage space freed up in no time.

1. Download a Picture Reduction Program

First, if you’re using an Android smartphone, you should go to the Google Play Store and look for a duplicate photo cleanup program. Look for well-liked programs with plenty of positive reviews, including “Remo Duplicate Photos Remover” or “Duplicate Photos Fixer.” Tap the “Install” button to set up the app.

2. Run the Duplicate Pics Remover Software

The app’s icon should appear on the device’s home screen or in the app drawer after installation. Selecting the icon will open the duplicate picture removal program.

3. Permissions should be granted

When you first run the app, it may request permission to access your camera roll. To enable the program to scan and analyze your picture library, please follow the on-screen instructions and provide the necessary permissions.

4. Check for Multiple Images

There should be a “Scan” or “Find Duplicates” button in the duplicate picture remover program. Select this button to begin scanning. The software will go through your picture collection and locate any instances of duplicates depending on criteria you provide (such as file name, size, or content).

how to delete duplicate photos on android

5. Evaluate the Outcomes of the Mirror Images

When the software has finished scanning, it will show you a list of any duplicate images it has located. Check the findings carefully to be sure the detected duplicates are indeed duplicates. Check the duplicates using specifics like filenames, preview images, or modification dates.

6. Identify and Remove Duplicate Images

Each duplicate image will have a checkbox or other means of selection next to it in the duplicate picture cleaning software. Look through the gallery and choose the duplicates you want to remove. You have the option of erasing all duplicates or picking and choosing which ones to get rid of.

7. Photo Duplicates

Find the “Delete” or “Remove” button after choosing the duplicate images. When you’re done selecting duplicate images, tap this button to remove them from your Android smartphone. If asked, please confirm the deletion.

8. Dispose of Garbage

Deleted images may be temporarily stored in a trash or recycling bin in certain duplicate picture cleaning software. To make room for new content, find the app’s trash or recycling bin and empty its contents to remove the redundant images for good.


This article has shown you how to erase duplicate images from your Android smartphone in a straightforward manner. You should get rid of duplicate images by installing a cleaning program, authorizing it to access your storage, doing a scan, reviewing the findings, choosing which images should be removed, removing them, and finally emptying the trash.

Check that your device’s gallery no longer contains any unnecessary duplicates. Take advantage of a cleaner and more manageable picture library while freeing up space on your Android smartphone.

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