How to Disable Adblock in UC Browser PC [2023]

How to disable adblock in UC Browser PC? A lot of people prefer UC Browser since it’s fast and simple to navigate. Adblock may cause issues with website functionality and/or ad display.

This tutorial will show you how to remove the Adblock extension from UC Browser for Windows. If you follow these simple steps, you’ll be able to see websites the way they were meant to be seen. Turning off ad blocking in UC Browser on your computer is the first step.

how to disable adblock in uc browser pc

How to Disable Adblock in UC Browser PC: Step by Step

C Browser is a widely used web browser due to its quick loading times and simple UI. Some website content or adverts may not load if you have an ad blocker installed in UC Browser. This detailed tutorial will show you how to turn off the ad blocker in UC Browser for Windows.

1. Open UC Browser on your computer

To launch UC Browser, look for its icon in the Windows system tray or on your desktop. To open the browser, just double-click the shortcut.

2. Open the Menu

Once you’ve launched UC Browser, go to the three parallel lines (the “Hamburger” symbol) in the upper right corner of the screen. Access the menu by clicking the symbol.

3. Navigate to the Preferences Panel

Find “Settings” in the menu and choose it. A gear or wrench is a common graphical representation of this concept. The preferences panel will load in a new window.

how to disable adblock in uc browser pc

4. Go to the Add-Ons Menu

On the left side of the Settings menu is a set of settings. Find the menu item labeled “Extensions” and choose it. The list of available add-ons will appear in the main window.

5. Locate the Adblock Add-on

Find the Adblock extension by browsing the list of currently installed extensions under the Extensions tab. It is often known as “Adblock” or “Adblock Plus.” Find it and go on to the next section.

6. Disable the AdBlock Plus add-on

To turn off the Adblock add-on, just click the corresponding button. By doing so, you will disable UC Browser’s ad filter. A checkbox or calendar widget may also be included, allowing you to temporarily deactivate the addon.

7. Confirm the Modifications

After you’ve finished deactivating the Adblock add-on, you may exit the Settings tab by clicking its “X” or by using Ctrl + W. The modifications take immediate effect, and the ad blocker will no longer interfere with your online surfing.

Final Thoughts

UC Browser’s ad filter may be easily disabled on Windows computers by following these steps. To deactivate the Adblock extension in UC Browser, launch the browser, go to the menu, open the Settings menu, find the Extensions section, and then click the deactivate button.

Verify the modifications, then relaunch UC Browser if necessary. Now that you have turned off the ad blocker, you can access the website and its adverts in their intended form.

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