How to Install Android OS On Phone Via PC [2023]

How to install android os on phone via pc? When you use a computer to install the Android OS on your phone, you have access to a world of possibilities, including the newest features, customizations, and Android upgrades.

This detailed tutorial will help you through the process of upgrading to a newer version of Android or installing a custom ROM. If you follow these steps, your newly installed Android OS will allow you to use your phone to its fullest capacity. Prepare to customize your Android experience to your liking.

how to install android os on phone via pc

How to Install Android OS on Phone Via PC: Step by Step

If you have a PC, you may install the Android operating system (OS) on your phone to have access to more features, customization choices, and the most recent Android upgrades.

This detailed instruction will show you how to install Android OS on your phone from a personal computer, whether you want to update to a newer version of Android or experiment with custom ROMs.

Following these steps will allow you to experience the full capabilities of your smartphone with a brand new installation of Android.

1. Set Up Your Cell Phone

Make sure your phone is fully charged and any necessary data has been backed up before beginning the installation procedure, since it may include performing a factory data reset.

Turn on USB debugging mode by navigating to your phone’s “Settings,” then “Developer options,” and toggling the switch. In order to access the “Developer options” menu, you must first activate it by going to “Settings,” “About phone,” and tapping the “Build number” seven times.

2. Get Android and PC Software

You may get the Android operating system on your phone from your computer. To locate the Android OS version that is suitable for your phone model, you may either visit the official website of the Android project or reliable third-party sources.

The Android Software Development Kit (SDK) and USB drivers for your phone model must also be downloaded to your computer.

3. Set up USB Drivers

Make sure your computer can talk to your phone by installing the necessary USB drivers. Follow the on-screen prompts to install the USB drivers after connecting your phone to the computer via USB connection. This procedure might be different from one smartphone to another.

4. Turn on Original Equipment Manufacturer Unlocking

Turn on “OEM unlocking” by navigating to “Settings,” “Developer options,” and “OEM unlocking” on your phone. If you want to install a modified version of Android on your device, you’ll need to unlock the bootloader first.

how to install android os on phone via pc

5. Unlocking the Bootloader

Enter the fastboot or bootloader mode on your phone. Bootloader mode is accessed by shutting off the phone and then pressing and holding a specified combination of keys (usually Volume Down and Power) until the phone restarts. Connect your phone to the computer via USB after it has entered bootloader mode.

6. Flashing a Custom Recovery

A custom recovery, like TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project), may be flashed into your phone using the Android SDK tools on your computer. By following these instructions, you may load the specialized Android OS into your phone.

If you’re using a custom recovery program, be sure to follow the steps it gives you for your particular phone model.

7. Move Android System Data

Use the USB cable to move the Android OS files from your computer to your phone’s storage or SD card. Make sure the files are stored in a readily accessible area for the custom recovery to access.

8. Initiate the Android Operating System installation process

Launch the device’s recovery mode. Turning the phone off and then holding a certain combination of buttons (such Volume Up and Power) will do this.

The Android OS file you transferred in Step 1 may now be installed by selecting “Install” or “Install from SD card” in recovery mode. Wait for the installation to finish after verifying its status.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, you can use a personal computer to successfully install the Android operating system on your phone if you follow these guidelines.

To successfully install a new operating system on your phone, you’ll need to do the following steps: get ready your phone, download the Android OS and PC tools, install USB drivers, enable OEM unlocking, unlock the bootloader, flash a custom recovery, transfer Android OS files, and install the new OS using the custom recovery.

Proceed with care, since any missteps might cause serious damage to your device. Take use of your phone’s newly installed Android OS and all of its updated features, settings, and apps.

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