How to Install AutoCAD in Laptop [2023]

How to install AutoCAD in laptop? The world of computer-aided design and drawing is your oyster once you download AutoCAD on your laptop. AutoCAD’s robust capabilities make it possible to build detailed 2D and 3D drawings with a high degree of accuracy and originality. Learn how to set up AutoCAD on your laptop with the help of this detailed tutorial.

You will learn all you need to know about using AutoCAD, from determining whether or not you meet the system requirements to installing the program and configuring your preferences. Use our installation instructions as a springboard to explore your creative side.

how to install autocad in laptop

How to Install AutoCAD in Laptop: Step by Step Guide

AutoCAD is a popular and capable program used in the design and drawing industries. With AutoCAD installed on your laptop, you can make and modify complex 2D and 3D designs on the go. In this detailed tutorial, we’ll show you how to set up your laptop with AutoCAD so you can unleash your inner designer with pinpoint accuracy.

1. Verify Prerequisites for Your Computer

Be sure your laptop has the necessary specs to run AutoCAD before you begin the installation process. Check the Autodesk website or the software’s documentation to see whether your computer meets the system requirements, if your operating system is compatible, and how much space you’ll need for the installation.

2. Acquire the Required Setup Files

The AutoCAD setup files are required in order to set up the program. You may either use a physical installation DVD or an online installer, depending on your needs. Put the disc into your laptop’s DVD drive if you have one. If your installation is available for download, go to Autodesk’s or the authorized reseller’s website, log in, and then download the file.

3. Launch the Setup Program

Find the AutoCAD set up file on your computer. A physical DVD should immediately start the setup procedure when inserted. To launch an installer that you downloaded, just double-click on the file you saved to your computer. The installation of AutoCAD will begin after you click this button.

4. Agree to the License Agreement

As soon as the setup procedure begins, you’ll be asked to accept the AutoCAD licensing terms. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before checking the box to indicate your agreement with them. Choose “Next” or “Continue” to go on.

5. Pick Your Setup Method

At this point, you’ll be able to tailor the installation to your specific needs. Possible customization choices include installing to a specific place, adding custom features, and selecting a language. Consider your alternatives and make any necessary adjustments after doing so. Choose “Next” or “Continue” to go on.

6. Inputing the Product Key

AutoCAD requires a product key, which will be requested during setup. Find the product key for your program in the user manual or your online account. Select “Next” or “Continue” after entering the product key correctly.

7. Install Type Selection

The installation type may be selected at this time. In most cases, you’ll be able to choose between presets like “Typical” and “Custom.” If you want the most popular features, go with the standard setup, but if you want to pick and choose, go with the custom install. Click the “Next” or “Continue” button after selecting the appropriate installation type.

8. Stay Put While the Setup Runs Its Course

The setup procedure will start immediately. Your laptop will have AutoCAD loaded, and the process will be shown on the screen. This might take a while, depending on the speed of your laptop and the choices you choose for the installation. Don’t rush things and don’t disrupt the set up.

9. Start AutoCAD

You’ll be informed of the installation’s success once it’s finished. To launch AutoCAD, locate it on your laptop’s desktop or in the list of installed applications. Simply double-click the shortcut to start using AutoCAD.

how to install autocad in laptop


You may install AutoCAD on your laptop by following these procedures in order. Get the installation files and run the installer after making sure your system meets the minimum requirements.

Click “I Agree” to the licensing agreement, then choose “Install Now” and “Product Key” to begin the installation process. Select the kind of installation, and then wait for it to finish. When you’re ready, start AutoCAD and enter

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