How to Loop a Video on iPad [2023]

How to loop a video on iPad? If you loop a video on your iPad, you can watch it over and over again without interruption. Looping may be helpful for making compelling presentations or even just practicing dancing steps.

This tutorial will show you how to loop a video on an iPad step by step. You may easily put your movies to loop by following these steps, allowing you to enjoy your material without interruptions. Learn how to get the most of your iPad’s video watching time by looping.

how to loop a video on ipad

How to Loop a Video on iPad: Step by Step Guide

Whether you want to create an engaging presentation, perfect your dancing steps, or just watch your favorite movies over and over again, looping videos on your iPad is a great tool.

Putting a video on a loop ensures that it will play without stopping and beginning again. Here, you’ll find detailed instructions for looping videos on the iPad, so you can relax and watch your favorite clips over and over again without missing a beat.

1. Launch the Photos App

To get started, open the “Photos” app by tapping its icon in the iPad’s dock. The Photos app, symbolized by a colorful flower icon, is set as the default for accessing and viewing all of your device’s stored photos, videos, and other material.

2. Pick the Video to Play

Select the video you wish to loop after you’ve launched the Photos app. You may access your video collection by either browsing through your albums or tapping the “Albums” option at the screen’s bottom. Find the album that contains the video, then touch on it to see the thumbnail view.

3. Click the “Share” button

To share a video, click the button shown by an arrow pointing up or a box with an arrow protruding from it after the video has loaded. This option often appears in the bottom left or right corner of the display. Select it by tapping on it.

4. Click the Loop button

You may modify the video and share it with others using the choices provided in the share menu. You may access the “Loop” function by swiping the bottom row of icons to the left. A looping, curving arrow is used to depict this concept. To make the video loop, use the “Loop” button.

how to loop a video on ipad

5. Verify the Loop

A little loop icon will show on the video thumbnail once you touch the “Loop” button, indicating that the looping function is active. Click the “Done” button in the upper right corner of the screen to save your loop configuration.

6. Start the Repetitive Video

Simply tapping the video thumbnail again will start the movie playing in a loop. The video will begin playing, and when it ends, it will play again immediately. It will keep playing in a loop till you stop it.

Final Thoughts

In summary, if you follow these simple steps, you’ll be able to loop a movie on your iPad so that it plays continuously and over and over again.

To set a movie to loop indefinitely, open the Photos app, choose it, hit the share icon, and then tap the loop toggle. Whether you’re watching for fun, study, or a presentation, your videos will play smoothly and without interruptions. Use the iPad’s built-in looping functionality to improve your movie watching experience.

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