How to Make Call Busy in Android [2023]

How to make call busy in android? You can make your Android phone seem busy if you need to pretend to be on another call. Android has tools that may help you stay private while working on a sensitive project or gracefully dismiss an incoming call.

Here, we’ll show you every step of the procedure required to make your Android smartphone look busy during an incoming call. You may better manage your calls and provide the appearance that your line is busy by using call forwarding.

Our detailed guide will teach you how to manage your call queue and block unwanted calls on your Android smartphone.

how to make call busy in android

How to Make Call Busy in Android: Step by Step

The ability to make your Android phone look busy is useful in a variety of situations. Android has tools that may help you politely refuse calls, fake being busy, and prevent distractions when you’re working on something essential. To help you better manage your calls and protect your privacy when necessary, we’ve put together this detailed instruction on how to make a call look busy on your Android smartphone.

1. Launch the Mobile App

To get started, open the “Phone” application from your Android’s main menu. Typically, an icon depicting a phone or keypad is used to denote the Phone application.

2. Access the phone’s settings

The three dots (vertical or horizontal) or the gear (settings) symbol may be seen in the upper or lower right corner of the Phone app, respectively, after it has been launched. To adjust your phone’s calling preferences, tap this icon.

3. Select “Call Settings”

Call settings let you adjust different aspects of your phone’s call handling and functionality. In the menu that appears, choose “Call Settings.” You may adjust call-related parameters with this choice.

4. Select “Call Forwarding” from the menu

To activate call forwarding, go to your device’s settings and choose the option labeled “Call Forwarding.” With this feature, you may route all incoming calls to a different phone number or service.

5. Initiate Call Forwarding

When you go to your phone’s settings and click on “Call Forwarding,” a menu of forwarding possibilities will appear. Choose a forwarding mode that works best for you, such as “Forward When Busy” or “Forward When Unanswered.” To activate a certain kind of forwarding, just tap its toggle.

how to make call busy in android

6. Put in a forwarding number

When you set up call forwarding, you’ll be required to input a new number to which calls should be routed. Choose either your primary or secondary phone number to receive redirected calls. Use the virtual keypad to dial the required number, and then choose “Enable” or “Save” to permanently specify the forwarding destination.

7. Confirm Call Forwarding

Call forwarding settings may prompt a confirmation dialog. To complete the call forwarding setup, make sure everything is correct and click the “OK” or “Confirm” button.

Final Thoughts

Following these simple steps, you may quickly and simply make a call on your Android cellphone seem busy. To forward calls, open the Phone app, go to Settings > Calls > Forward, input the number you want to send calls to, and then confirm the changes.

You may fake a busy line by diverting incoming calls to another number by activating call forwarding. When you’re done with call forwarding, be sure to turn it off. Follow these steps to effectively control your calls on your Android smartphone while protecting your privacy.

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