How to Make Taskbar Transparent Windows 11 [2023]

How to make taskbar transparent windows 11? Personalizing your computer experience by changing the way your OS looks is possible. With Windows 11, you can make the taskbar invisible, resulting in a sleek and contemporary desktop design.

Here, we’ll walk you through the steps required to successfully disable the taskbar’s transparency in Windows 11. If you follow these steps, you’ll soon have a personalized desktop with a sleek transparent taskbar. Transparent taskbars are a great way to personalize your Windows 11 desktop.

how to make taskbar transparent windows 11

How to Make Taskbar Transparent Windows 11: Step by Step

Making the taskbar translucent in Windows 11 is one method to personalize the look of your OS and improve the user experience. The translucent taskbar improves the look of your desktop while keeping all of its useful features.

To further customize your desktop and experience a more aesthetically pleasing interface, we’ll show you how to make the Windows 11 taskbar translucent in this detailed tutorial.

1. Navigate to the Settings Panel

To launch Windows, either hit the Windows key on your keyboard or click the Start button in the bottom left of your screen. The “Settings” icon (which looks like a gear) may be accessed from the Start menu.

2. Modify Your Profile’s Settings

Select “Personalization” from the Settings menu. This will launch a new window where you may play around with Windows 11’s aesthetic settings.

3. Go to the Taskbar’s Options

Choose “Taskbar” from the left sidebar of the “Personalization” menu. When you click this, the taskbar’s individual options for its design and behavior will be shown.

4. Make Everything Open and Honest

Find the “Transparency” setting in the Taskbar’s preferences. If you look under the “Taskbar behaviors” or “Taskbar appearance” sections, you should be able to find it. Transparency for the taskbar may be activated by toggling the switch to the “On” position.

how to make taskbar transparent windows 11

5. Modify the Visibility Level

The taskbar’s transparency may be changed to suit your own preferences. Check the Taskbar’s preferences for a slider labeled “Transparency level” or anything similar. To adjust the degree of transparency, just move the bar to the left or right. You can see the effects of your adjustments in real time and choose the degree of transparency that best matches your needs.

6. Exit the Options Panel

Once you’re happy with the level of transparency, click the “X” in the window’s upper right corner to exit the Settings menu. You may also exit the Settings menu by using the “Alt+F4” keys on your keyboard.


Following these detailed steps, you will be able to make the Windows 11 taskbar translucent. The desktop experience may be improved via the use of visual customizations; Windows 11’s translucent taskbar is a great example of this.

With the translucent taskbar, you may create a desktop that fits your aesthetic needs while still being functional.

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