How to Package After Effects File [2023]

How to package after effects file? Adobe After Effects is one of the most sophisticated tools in graphics and visual effects development. Professional multimedia editors and designers are well aware of the importance of their software. The applications they use need to have as many features as possible, while keeping it simple so that users can easily find each tool without wasting time.

This is comprehensive and large software, so don’t be surprised by the rather lengthy installation process. When you first start the program, the welcome screen comes in handy for beginners and pros alike, as it displays several tips designed to optimize the order in Adobe After Effects.

how to package after effects file

How to Package After Effects File: Step by Step

Adobe After Effects CC is a versatile application for generating motion graphics and visual effects. If you’re working on a project and wish to share it with others or move it to a new computer, you’ll need to package the After Effects file. When you package your project, you guarantee that all of the required files, assets, and plugins are included in a single folder. We will take you through the process of packing an After Effects file using the Adobe After Effects CC program in this step-by-step instruction.

Step 1: Back up and arrange your work

Make sure to store your After Effects file in a place where you can readily retrieve it before packing it. Organizing your project by establishing folders for various sorts of materials, such as photographs, videos, and audio files, is also a smart approach. This will aid in the organization of your project and make it simpler to bundle later on.

Step 2: Look for any missing assets

Check for missing files to confirm that all of the assets used in your After Effects project are included in the bundle. Navigate to the “Missing” tab in the Project panel and look for any items that are indicated as missing. Before continue with the packaging procedure, replace or relink these files to their proper places.

Step 3: Finish your project

It’s a good idea to clean up your After Effects project before packing to eliminate any unnecessary materials, compositions, or effects. This will assist to minimize file size and simplify the package. Remove any unneeded files or compositions from the Project panel, as well as any effects that are no longer in use from the Timeline or Effects controls.

Step 4: Gather files

You must utilize the “Collect Files” tool to package your After Effects project. To use this option, go to the “File” menu and choose “Dependencies” then “Collect Files.” A dialog box will open with choices for customizing the package.

Step 5: Choose your package choices

You may set the packing process using the Collect Files dialog box. Select the location where you wish to store the packed project. You may also choose whether to copy or gather all of the files, which includes video, compositions, and assets. If your project includes custom fonts, be sure to select the option to gather all used fonts.

Step 6: Examine and package

After you’ve chosen your preferred packaging choices, go through the list of files that will be included in the package. This list will show all of the files required for your project, including any dependencies and plugins. Check that all of the essential files are included before clicking the “Collect” button to begin the packing process.

Step 7: Double-check the packed project

Navigate to the destination folder you picked previously when the packing procedure is complete. Open the packed project and ensure that all assets, compositions, and effects are still present. Test the project on your machine to ensure that everything works as it should.

Step 8: Distribute or transfer the completed project

After you’ve successfully packed your After Effects project, you may quickly share it with colleagues or move it to a new computer. Zip the whole bundled folder to generate a compressed file that may be readily sent through email or file-sharing networks. Alternatively, you may move the folder by copying it to a portable storage device or uploading it to a cloud storage service.

how to package after effects file


Using the Adobe After Effects CC software to package an After Effects file guarantees that all essential assets and files are included, making it easy to share or transfer projects without missing dependencies. You may easily package your projects while maintaining the integrity of your work if you follow these step-by-step guidelines.

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