How to Record Call on iPhone Without App for Free [2023]

How to record call on iphone without app for free? Call recording on the iPhone is a handy feature for documenting and reliving memorable events and conversations. In this detailed tutorial, we’ll teach you how to record calls on your iPhone without paying for any additional software.

If you follow our detailed steps, you’ll be able to start recording calls and saving them to the Voice Memos app with ease.

You may easily record calls on your iPhone for a variety of reasons while remaining in full compliance with applicable laws and protecting your privacy.

how to record call on iphone without app for free

How to Record Call on iPhone Without App for Free: Step by Step

Keeping a record of critical discussions or capturing unforgettable moments are just two examples of the many uses for iPhone call recording.

Although there are dedicated call recording apps, the iPhone itself may be used to record conversations. Follow along with this detailed instruction as we show you how to easily and without cost record calls on your iPhone.

Please be aware that call recording legislation might vary widely from nation to country and from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

1. Research Local Laws Before You Start Recording Calls

Get to know the call recording rules and restrictions in your nation or area before you start recording calls. Call recording may be illegal in certain jurisdictions or need the permission of all call participants in others. Find out what local laws must be followed to guarantee compliance.

2. Start Recording Phone Calls

Launch the Settings app from your iPhone’s main menu. To access it, scroll down and choose “Control Center.” Find “Customize Controls” in the Control Center’s options and click it. To add “Voice Memos” to your Control Center, find it in the list of available controls and touch the green “+” button. This will make using the Voice Memos app during phone conversations much more convenient.

3. Conduct a Practice Call

Make a test call to another phone or voicemail to verify the operation of the call recording feature. This will let you test the call recording function before using it for crucial talks.

4. Start the Recording Process

While on the Phone To start recording a call while it’s in progress, launch the Control Center by swiping down from the top right corner of the screen (or up from the bottom on previous iPhone models). To begin recording, find the red circular “Record” button and press it. There will be a red banner over the top of the screen to let you know that your call is being recorded.

5. Hang Up and Save the Recording

When you’re through talking, you can either press the red banner at the top of the screen or go back to the Phone app to hang up. Voice Memos is where the recording will be stored automatically. From your home screen, launch the Voice Memos app and go to the most recent call you recorded. The recording may be accessed and managed with a tap.

6. Modify the Recording Preferences

The Voice Memos app’s recording options are flexible. To make changes to an existing recording, launch the Voice Memos app, choose the clip, and then press the menu button (three dots). You may make changes to the recording’s quality, save it under a new name, and more from this screen.

7. Maintain Secrecy and Privacy

The privacy and confidentiality of callers must be protected at all times. If necessary by law, let the other person know the call is being recorded and get their permission. Use prudence and make sure any recorded conversations are kept in a safe place where they can’t be accessed by anyone.

how to record call on iphone without app for free

Final Thoughts

If you follow these simple steps, you may easily record phone calls on your iPhone without downloading any additional software.

Call recording may be activated via the Control Center, recording can be initiated during a call, and the recording can be saved to the Voice Memos app.

Always check the local regulations about call recording and be sure you abide by them. Avoid invading people’s privacy by recording calls without their permission unless absolutely required. In just a few easy steps, you may record and save any moment that you want to remember forever on your iPhone.

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