How to Recover Deleted Videos [2023]

How to recover deleted videos? If you’ve lost videos by accident, we understand how devastating that may be. In this detailed tutorial, we’ll show you how to retrieve lost films in a wide range of situations and hardware.

Our guidelines will improve your chances of recovering deleted films on any device, whether it’s a mobile phone or a PC. We’ll show you helpful methods, such as browsing the “Recently Deleted” folder and employing data recovery software, for getting back your lost videos.

how to recover deleted videos

How to Recover Deleted Videos: Step by Step

If you accidentally delete a video that had emotional or financial value, it may be a devastating experience. Those lost clips may be retrievable after all.

Here, we’ll show you exactly how to retrieve lost footage from a wide range of electronic gadgets and life situations. If you follow these steps, you should be able to restore your important films to your smartphone with a higher possibility of success.

1. Stop Using Your Device

As soon as you notice that videos have been lost, you should turn off the device immediately. By keeping the device in use, you increase the odds that data will be overwritten, making it impossible to retrieve the lost movies. Don’t add any new content to the device, such as images or movies, applications, or data.

2. Look in the “Recently Deleted” folder on your mobile device

Check the “Recently Deleted” folder or equivalent spot in your mobile device’s picture or video app if you’ve accidentally deleted anything. There is often a built-in capability that may keep deleted data safe for a limited time. You can check whether your recently deleted movies may be retrieved by opening the program and going to the correct folder.

3. Proceed to Restore from a Backup of Your Device

If you back up your device frequently, restoring from a backup is a good option for retrieving lost videos. To restore your device from a backup, just sync it to a computer or log in to a cloud storage service (like iCloud or Google Drive). When you do this, the backup data—including the erased videos—will replace what’s already on your device.

how to recover deleted videos

4. Use a Data Recovery Program

Data recovery software should be considered if none of the aforementioned solutions work and no recent backups exist. Many different data recovery programs exist for desktop and portable computers and mobile devices.

Read up on data recovery programs and choose one that works with your device. To find and restore erased movies, just install the program, read the included instructions, and start a scan.

5. Reach Out to Expert Data Recovery Services

Data recovery services should be consulted if the erased movies are critically important and cannot be restored using software methods. These companies are equipped with the knowledge and technology to recover data from any kind of storage device or medium. Do your homework and choose a reliable data recovery service you can speak with before shipping your device off to them.

6. Stopping information loss in the future

Regular backups are essential for preventing data loss in the future. Create a routine of frequent backups, either to the cloud or an external hard drive, and make sure your data is always safe. Also, be very careful while erasing files; always backup your data before erasing anything.


The loss of videos by accident deletion is upsetting, but they may be recoverable with little effort. You may improve your chances of retrieving lost movies from numerous gadgets by following these detailed recommendations.

Do not continue using the device; instead, search the Recently Deleted folder, roll back from a backup, use data recovery software, or contact a professional data recovery service.

You can safeguard your priceless films and avoid data loss in the future by adopting sound backup procedures.

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