How to Remove Red Eye on iPhone [2023]

How to remove red eye on iPhone? iPhones make it easy to capture priceless moments, but the red-eye effect may be a nuisance. But there’s really no need to fret. This detailed tutorial will teach you how to fix red-eye in iPhone images.

You may improve the quality of your photos with only a few touches, bringing out the natural beauty in your subjects. Get rid of red eye and raise the bar for your iPhone pictures.

how to remove red eye on iphone

How to Remove Red Eye on iPhone: Step by Step

When capturing priceless moments with an iPhone, red-eye may show in certain shots. When the subject’s retina is illuminated by the camera flash, a reddish reflection is seen in the photograph. On the other hand, your iPhone has built-in tools for improving picture quality, eliminating red-eye, and more. Here, we will teach you how to eliminate red-eye in your iPhone shots, so that your subjects will always look their best.

1. Launching the Photos App

To get started, go to your iPhone’s main menu and open the “Photos” app. A flower with many different colors stands in for the Photos app.

2. Pick the Red-Eye-Infested Picture

Enter the Photos app and search for the album or collection containing the red-eyed shot. You may locate the desired image by tapping the album and then browsing the thumbnails. Once the desired image has been located, tapping on it will expand it to fill the screen.

3. Select “Edit” from the menu

With the image shown in its entirety, choose “Edit” from the menu that appears in the upper right. It’s shown as a triangle within a circle with three horizontal lines.

4. Click the “Crop and Rotate” button in the editing menu

In the Edit screen, a selection of editing tools will appear in the screen’s footer. Select the icon that resembles a square with two arrows coming out of it to create a circle. The “Crop and Rotate” button does just that.

how to remove red eye on iphone

5. Choose the “Red-Eye” Tool

Additional editing choices may be found at the bottom of the screen when using the “Crop and Rotate” tool. Select the icon that resembles a crossed out eye. The “Red-Eye” function is meant to eliminate the problem of red eyes in photographs.

6. Using the Red-Eye Tool

Select the “Red-Eye” tool and then move it to the region of the picture where the red eyes are. The red-eye region will be identified and highlighted mechanically by the instrument.

7. Choose the “Done” button

When you’re satisfied with where the red-eye tool is, hit the “Done” button in the lower right. The edits will be saved, and the red-eye will be corrected in the picture.

Final Thoughts

Following these simple steps, red-eye may be corrected in iPhone images in no time. To fix red-eye in a picture, just launch the Photos app, choose the image in question, hit “Edit,” select the “Crop and Rotate” tool, tap the “Red-Eye” tool, place it over the red-eye region, tap “Done” to save the modifications, and then share the image.

Following these easy techniques, you can capture stunning iPhone images without the annoying red-eye appearance.

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