How to Set Wallpaper Changing Automatically [2023]

How to set wallpaper changing automatically? Have you become bored with your device’s default wallpaper? Having your wallpaper rotate automatically refreshes your smartphone and adds a unique touch of style.

In this detailed tutorial, we’ll show you how to program your wallpaper to automatically rotate between different images at specified intervals. If you follow the instructions, you may personalize your device’s visual experience by choosing your favorite photographs, setting the wallpaper-changing frequency, and more.

Follow these simple steps for setting up automatic wallpaper rotation, and you’ll soon be ready to give your screen a whole new look.

how to set wallpaper changing automatically

How to Set Wallpaper Changing Automatically: Step by Step Guide

Having your device’s wallpaper rotate automatically is a terrific way to keep your screen looking new and exciting. If you turn on automatic wallpaper rotation, your device’s backdrop will change to a fresh picture at set intervals. In this detailed tutorial, you’ll learn how to automate the process of changing your wallpaper, bringing a new layer of customization and aesthetic interest to your smartphone.

1. Go to the Wallpaper Settings

Launch your device’s “Settings” application to get started. A gear symbol indicates the Settings app, which may be located in the app drawer or on the home screen. Find the “Wallpaper” or “Display & Brightness” option and choose it.

2. Determine the Wallpaper’s Origin

Several alternatives for picking a wallpaper may be found under the Wallpaper settings. You may customize the wallpaper rotation by selecting the source from which the photos will be pulled. This might be the device’s built-in “Photos,” “Gallery,” or “Wallpapers” app, or a third-party wallpaper app. Choose your information provider by tapping on it.

3. Choose Wallpapers to Rotate

Once you’ve decided on a source, you can start selecting wallpapers from the available photos or albums. In most cases, touching on the photos will bring up a preview. You can choose a bunch of pictures by using the select button (or whatever it’s called) on each one.

4. Activate Automatic Wallpaper Rotation

After you’ve chosen your wallpapers, check for an option that allows them to rotate automatically. Depending on the user interface of your gadget, this feature might be called “Auto Change,” “Dynamic Wallpaper,” or something similar. To activate this function, just tap its corresponding switch or checkbox.

5. Modify the Interval Between Background Updates

You may also customize how often wallpapers are updated in the same section of settings. You may modify the wallpaper rotation frequency here. To change the interval to anything other than “Every day,” “Every hour,” or “Custom,” tap the Frequency option. Select the desired frequency from the drop-down menu.

how to set wallpaper changing automatically

6. Additional wallpaper settings may be personalized

Automatic wallpaper change is a handy feature, and some devices even let you tweak it to your liking. Check the advanced options to see whether you can change the transition effects, the randomness, or the rotation order of the wallpapers. If you want to personalize your wallpaper-changing experience, you may do so by adjusting these options.

7. Take in the Changing Wallpapers Automatically

With the options established, you can relax and take in the new look of your wallpaper as it automatically updates at the interval you’ve chosen. The wallpaper function allows you to set a new backdrop for your device’s screen at regular intervals, giving it a unique look and feel.


In conclusion, changing your device’s wallpaper automatically is as simple as following these procedures. You may alter the wallpaper settings, allow automatic wallpaper changes, configure the wallpaper rotation frequency, and modify any other accessible options.

Get a new and exciting look at regular intervals as your device cycles through a variety of wallpapers. Setting your wallpaper to automatically change is a fun and easy way to give your smartphone a unique look.

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