How to Share App via Bluetooth [2023]

How to share app via bluetooth? In order to suggest applications to others or work together on mobile experiences, sharing them is a terrific idea. Bluetooth app sharing is useful if you’d rather not use the internet.

In this detailed tutorial, you’ll learn all you need to know to successfully transfer an app from one mobile device to another via Bluetooth.

By adhering to our guidelines, you will be able to improve your app-sharing skills and move applications with ease. If you want to upgrade your sharing experience, try using this offline app sharing option.

how to share app via bluetooth

How to Share App Via Bluetooth: Step by Step

App sharing is a practical means of recommending and developing mobile apps in tandem with others. Bluetooth is a direct and offline means of app sharing, among many others.

This tutorial will show you how to wirelessly transfer an app from one mobile device to another using Bluetooth. By adhering to these steps, you may improve your app-sharing skills and move applications across devices with ease.

1. Turn on Bluetooth

To begin, ensure that Bluetooth is turned on in both your device and the recipient’s. Access Bluetooth by navigating to the settings menu on your mobile device. You may activate Bluetooth by tapping it.

2. Join Your Devices

The next step is to establish a connection between your phone and the other one. Activate Bluetooth and place both devices in a state where they may be discovered by others. Use your mobile device’s Bluetooth settings to look for nearby devices. As soon as the recipient’s device shows in the list, tap on it to send a message to them.

3. Launch the App Selector

When the pairing is complete, you may access the app’s settings from your mobile device’s main menu. All the programs currently running on your device will be shown here.

4. Pick the App You Want to Share

Find the app you wish to show off by scrolling through your device’s app list. Select the app by tapping and holding on its icon.

5. To send or share

A context menu with several choices will show once you pick the program. Find the button labeled “Share” or “Send” and click it.

how to share app via bluetooth

6. Select Bluetooth from the Sharing Options

There is a selection of sharing ways accessible inside the sharing choices. Find the Bluetooth symbol or the option to exchange data wirelessly. Select Bluetooth sharing by tapping the button.

7. Select the Associated Device

When you choose Bluetooth as the mode of transfer, a list of currently associated devices will be shown. To begin the transfer, tap the recipient’s smartphone.

8. Activate the transfer on the recipient’s device

A notice will be sent to the recipient’s smartphone asking them to approve the app transfer. Request that the receiver confirm the transfer by following the on-screen instructions.


Following these simple methods, you’ll be able to successfully distribute applications via Bluetooth on your mobile device in no time.

To send data from one Bluetooth-enabled device to another, you must first enable Bluetooth on both devices, connect them, then enter the app’s menu, pick the app you want to share, select Bluetooth as the sharing option, then select the linked device.

With this way, you can easily share your favorite apps with others to boost cooperation or suggestions, even when you’re not connected to the internet. Take advantage of Bluetooth app sharing on your mobile device for its versatility and ease of use.

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