How to Share Video From iPhone to Android [2023]

How to share video from iphone to android? Due to their differing operating systems, an iPhone and an Android may seem like an unlikely pair for video sharing.

Fortunately, you can quickly and simply learn how to copy films from an iPhone to an Android smartphone by reading our detailed instructions.

This article will show you how to connect your devices, choose the movie you want to share, pick a sharing method, and finally play the shared video on your Android smartphone. These guidelines will make it simple to capture and share precious moments with friends and family on any device.

how to share video from iphone to android

How to Share Video From iPhone to Android: Step by Step

The vast technological gap between iOS and Android may make the chore of transferring a movie from an iPhone to an Android device appear insurmountable.

Nonetheless, if you follow the correct procedures, you’ll have no trouble moving films between the two services. We’ll show you how to transfer videos from an iPhone to an Android in this detailed tutorial.

If you follow these steps, you’ll have no trouble moving films across devices so you can share them with loved ones wherever they may be.

1. Link Your iOS and Android Devices

First things first, check the battery life and power status of both your iPhone and Android smartphone. Use a cable designed for such transfers to link your iPhone to your Android gadget. If the two devices have different port types, you may require an adaptor to make the connection.

2. Turning Your iPhone Over to the Computer

Enter your passcode or use Touch ID/Face ID to unlock your iPhone. At the popup, choose to “Trust” the computer to which you’ve connected your iPhone. This must be done before a safe connection can be established between the gadgets and data transmission can begin.

how to share video from iphone to android

3. Open the iPhone’s Photos app

Find the “Photos” app and launch it on your iPhone. All the films and pictures on your smartphone are kept here.

4. Pick the Video You Want to Post

To share a video, open the Photos app and go to the album or folder containing the clip. To choose a clip, just tap on it. To choose numerous videos, just press “Select” in the upper right corner.

After choosing the video(s) you wish to send, you may do so by tapping the share symbol (which looks like an up-pointing arrow). Typically, you’ll find this indicator in the far left corner of your display.

5. Select a Sharing Method

When you choose the share button, a menu of sharing choices will open up. Look through your choices and choose the one that works best for you to get the movie onto your Android gadget. Email, messaging applications, cloud storage services, and third-party file transfer apps are all common means of sharing. Pick the approach that works best for your situation and interests.

6. Do as Directed to Move the Film

There may be more instructions to follow once you choose your mode of sharing. If you want to send the movie to someone through email, for instance, you’ll need to fill in their email address and perhaps some other information.

You may have to start the transfer and then follow the app’s instructions if you’re using a file transfer app. Get everything set up for smooth video playback on your Android smartphone.

7. To Watch the Video on an Android Device

When the video transmission is complete, you may access it from wherever you saved it on your Android smartphone. This might be your email client, messaging service, cloud storage service, or even your computer’s file manager. Find the clip you shared from your iPhone and play it to make sure it transferred properly.

Final Thoughts

The process of transferring movies from an iPhone to an Android smartphone is simplified by the detailed instructions provided in this article.

You can watch the movie on your Android smartphone by connecting the two devices, unlocking the iPhone, going to the Photos app, tapping the share symbol, selecting the sharing method, and following the on-screen directions.

By following these guidelines, you may easily bridge the gap across various platforms and experience the delight of sharing films across devices while showing off your iPhone-captured memories to friends and family who use Android smartphones.

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