How to Show Hidden Files in USB [2023]

How to show hidden files in usb? Have you ever needed to access data on a USB device only to find that they were encrypted? Whether by design or by the actions of malevolent programs, hidden files might make it difficult to access data that you need.

In this detailed tutorial, you will learn all you need to know to open hidden files on a USB flash drive. Following these steps will make it simple to locate and open disguised files, allowing you to be certain that no essential information will be kept under wraps. Prepare to discover how to access the hidden files on your USB device so you can get the data you need.

how to show hidden files in usb

How to Show Hidden Files in USB: Step by Step

USB drives might have crucial data concealed on them for a variety of reasons, including default settings and spyware. You must turn on the option to see hidden files in order to get access to these documents. In this detailed tutorial, you will learn how to unhide files on a USB device. If you follow these steps, you’ll be able to see and access any files that have been concealed on your USB drive.

1. Plug in the USB Drive

The first step is to plug the flash drive into the computer. Verify that the USB flash drive is plugged correctly and that it is detected by the computer.

2. Launch your preferred file manager

If you’re using Windows, you can launch File Explorer by hitting the Windows key plus E at the same time. To launch Finder on a Mac, either double-click the Dock icon or go to the computer’s main menu and choose Applications > Finder.

3. Track Down That USB Drive

To access your USB device, open File Explorer or Finder and go to the section that lists removable drives. It’s often found in File Explorer under “This PC” or “Devices and Drives” on Windows, and in Finder under “Devices” or “External Drives” on Mac.

4. Navigate to the Folder Options menu

To change the way you see things in Windows’ file browser, choose the “View” tab. Next, choose the “Options” menu item on the right. Select “Finder” from the Mac’s menu bar, and then choose “Preferences” from the submenu that appears.

how to show hidden files in usb

5. Conceal Windows folders and files

Windows users may access the “View” tab in the “Folder Options” box by pressing Win+J>. Look for a place that says “Hidden files and folders” and then scroll down to it. You may see them by clicking the option that says “Show hidden files, folders, and drives.” Then choose “Apply” and “OK” to commit the changes.

6. Restarting Finder or Explorer

Reload the File Explorer or Finder window showing your USB device after choosing the option to expose hidden files and folders. Doing so will refresh the screen to reveal concealed documents.

7. Obtain the USB Drive’s Secret Data

Once the secret files have been unmasked, you may access them using the USB drive’s file system. They may now be seen and accessed normally.


The end result of following these procedures is the ability to readily reveal concealed data on a USB device. Plug in the flash drive, launch File Explorer or Finder, go to the View menu and choose the option to “Show Hidden Files and Folders” (Windows) or “Show Hidden Folders” (Mac), then refresh the screen.

If you decide you want to reveal the files again, just turn off the switch. Following these instructions, you’ll have no trouble opening secret folders on your USB drive, guaranteeing that no important information will be overlooked.

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