How to Take 360 Degree Photo [2023]

How to take 360 degree photo? A 360-degree photograph captures an entire scene in a single shot, making for a fascinating and all-encompassing look at the scene.

Learning to shoot a 360-degree snapshot may allow you to capture a scene from every angle, which can be useful for documenting scenic landscapes or showcasing unusual locations. In this detailed tutorial, we’ll show you all you need to know to become a 360-degree photography expert.

You will learn how to make spectacular, immersive graphics, from selecting the correct gear to panning the camera and sharing your creations. Prepare to release your inner artist by delving into the fascinating field of panoramic photography.

how to take 360 degree photo

How to Take 360 Degree Photo: Step by Step

You may capture a complete and panoramic perspective of a place or area with a 360-degree snapshot. Taking a 360-degree shot is possible with the correct equipment and know-how, whether your goal is to capture a magnificent view or to create a novel visual experience. Here, we’ll show you how to take a fantastic 360-degree shot, so you can make your own engaging and immersive photographs.

1. Get the Proper Tools

First things first: get your hands on the gear necessary to take a 360-degree shot. You may use a smartphone with a 360-degree camera app or an adapter specifically designed for smartphones. Find a trustworthy camera or useful app that fits your requirements and budget.

2. Look for an Appropriate Spot

Find a vantage point with a varied and captivating horizon. You may take a 360-degree photograph of a landscape, a cityscape, or any other scene with enough visual interest. Make sure there is enough of light and nothing in the way that might distort the picture.

3. Camera or app setup

To properly set up your 360-degree camera or app, be sure to read and adhere to all included documentation. Check the battery, the calibration, and the connection to your smartphone. Learn how to use the camera’s many features.

4. Set the Camera Up Correctly

Put the camera such that it is level and steady in the middle of the action. Use a tripod or other suitable equipment to keep your smartphone steady and in place while you take photos or videos.

5. Camera settings are configured

Modify the camera’s settings to get the effect you want. Adjusting the camera’s exposure, white balance, and aspect ratio may also fall under this category. For exact information on how to alter these settings, please see the user manual that comes packaged with your camera or app.

how to take 360 degree photo

6. Start taking the picture

Once you’re satisfied with the camera’s position and settings, you may start taking pictures. To take a picture, just do what the camera or app tells you to do. Some gadgets have a button you have to touch to take a picture, while others may be controlled remotely or have a timer function.

7. Rotate the camera or smartphone

Capturing a 360-degree panorama requires gently rotating the camera or smartphone around its axis. Keep the rotation constant in both speed and axis to provide the camera or app a stable base from which to take pictures.

8. Assess and Modify the Image

Once the 360-degree shot has been taken, you may examine it on your camera or mobile device. To check the image quality and composition, use the camera’s preview screen or the app’s preview feature. Use image-editing software or an app to fix flaws, change colors, or add filters if needed.


As a result of following these procedures, you will be able to take breathtaking 360-degree images. In order to create a captivating 360-degree image, it is important to select the appropriate tools, locate an appropriate setting, properly set up the camera or app, configure the camera settings, start the capture process, rotate the camera or smartphone smoothly, review and edit the photo as necessary, and finally, share and enjoy your creation with others.

Create jaw-dropping pictures that transport visitors to another world with some effort and imagination.

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